Virtual Assistant Services in Australia

Technology and Systems – We respect that the information we handle is sensitive and confidential and data security is of paramount importance in our business.

Our offshore staff is working under Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which has the ability to isolate applications from one another on the network. Keeping apps isolated can protect data from being shared across them, or from malware or viruses that may have infected other parts of the desktop or system.

To maintain our success and scalability, we operate and manage our systems by using highly modern, simple, transparent, and safe technology to ensure ownership and accountability for our clients.

Our IT team has domain expertise of over 20+ years in the industry and is versed with current Australian and global rules and regulations.

ISO27001 Supported System & Procedures.
ISO27001 Supported Procedures: ISO27001 is a prestigious certified company, that guarantees the security and reliability of its services. At Veda Financial Services, we take data security very seriously, and our ISO27001 supported procedures prove our commitment to protecting our customers’ data. This ensures that our services are reliable and secure. We have the systems and processes to protect our customers’ information and our customers can be sure that their data is safe and secure with us.

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